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Deuter Vary-Quick System

Adjustable back length - the individual back - VARI QUICK System

Регулируемая система спины Deuter VARI QUICK.

Выбор рюкзака непростое дело. Нельзя выбрать рюкзак только по объему. Он должен быть ещё и комфортным. Чем больше объем рюкзака, тем важнее становится подвесная система используемая в нем. Она должна быть не только хорошо вентилируемой, но ещё и удобной. Подвесная система должна позволять настроить рюкзак именно под ваши параметры и, тем самым, обеспечить высочайший комфорт при использованиии. Именно такой системой является Deuter VARI QUICK.

you cannot choose a backpack exclusively on its capacity. The more volume a
backpack has, the more important is a carrying system that can be individually
adjusted and guarantees freedom of movement plus fan-tastic wearing comfort.
Take a look at the customer’s build and you’ll find the ideal fit for him/her.

Цель этой статьи помочь вам отрегулировать систему Deuter VARI QUICK. Описанные далее простые действия помогут вам это сделать.

An unprecise adjustment restrains
the potential of a good back system.
The following steps will help you to
perfectly adjust the back length of
the Vari-Qick system:

1 Find the right back length

2 Loosen and pull out the
velcro closure.


3 Put the harness strap into the right
position, then lace the straps through

4 attachmentloops. Tighten the strap
and secure the velcro closure

For heavy loads (from about 10 kg) and longer walking distances in particular, the ideal
adjustment to the user’s back length is crucial. This means, it makes absolute sense
to equip packs from a volume of 35 l with a Vari-Quick-system. Yet, keep in mind that
every system with back length adjustment means additional weight. For smaller capa-
cities keep the pack’s own weight as low as possible.

Deuter therefore offers for those models
an option of three different sized back
lengths: Standard, SL and EL. Our ruck-
sacks are designed to fit the average
athletic build.
Yet, since not everyone fits the norm, we
also offer a very special service: we can
easily adapt the carrying systems. In a
few steps the shoulder straps of packs
and child carriers with vari- quick can be
swapped for Sl-shoulder straps. vice ver-
sa SL straps can be exchanged for stand-
ard Vari-Quick shoulder straps that are
suitable for the wearer with a more stron-
ger build.